Considering what the world has been through in recent months with the global COVID-19 pandemic, 20/20 vision has never been more critical in our industry. EML has energetically and mindfully embraced the new norm to ensure we continue to innovate extremely rapidly within the sector. After all, innovative thinking is in our DNA and we plan on sharpening our edge within FinTech with the following strategic steps:

Driving innovation for peak outcomes
  • Crucial for growth and scalability as well as customer and employee satisfaction. This drives the ability to take market share and own our space.
  • Allowing EML to stand out with unique value propositions in the market, differentiating our offering and driving new revenues.
  • Meeting customer needs as they evolve, predicting changes in the market first and providing solutions before clients realise that they need them now.
  • Attracting the best talent, innovative people want to work with innovative companies to challenge and encourage the creation of exciting new products and services.
  • The rapid evolution of digital transformation, along with disruption from COVID-19, provide an opportunity to pivot our business to serve the needs of ambitious FinTechs.
  • The acquisition of PFS saw the beginning of this smart pivot and COVID-19 accelerated the shift.
  • The absence of innovation means other businesses decline and become irrelevant in the markets they serve.
Innovative guardrails of success
  • New business and technology revolutions begin with a combination of ideas, technology, people and processes. But they succeed by being strong enough to progress through the productisation/commercialisation process and gain traction in the market.
  • EML wishes to serve as a true supporter of the FinTech world’s creation of new products, methods and ideas to transform the way we all think about our finances.
  • Our go-forward strategy is to shape the digital transformation of companies in the FinTech space; Lending, Blockchain, Crypto, RegTech, Personal Finance, Payments, Billing, Insurance, Capital Markets, Wealth Management, International Money Transfer, Remittance, Mortgage and Real-estate.
Common threads in target markets
  • The need for the distribution of payments.
  • A desire to disrupt the traditional way of executing in these spaces.
  • A need to remain relevant in the digital age.
    Innovation is at the core of EML’s blueprint to leverage and drive digital transformation by:
  • Enriching our product offerings and platforms (cloud-based, API first and global ubiquity);
  • Integration with adjacent technology companies (white label/feature set extension);
  • Partnership (distribution); and
  • Investment/acquisition (embedded FinTech partners).

“The absence of innovation means other businesses decline and become irrelevant in the markets they serve.”

“EML has a track record of successful innovation; identifying and monetising niches.”

Innovation is not only the creation of a new product, process, or service. It is the equally important process of successfully launching into the market. New technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Innovation requires outside the box thinking around the management of new products, processes and services to generate value and disrupt the market. EML’s solutions will align with the disruptive nature of these businesses to innovate successfully through:

  • Ease of implementation
  • Quick to market
  • Agility
  • Customisable
  • Feature-rich
  • Repeatable

EML’s technology will reflect the willingness to support our innovation goals through:

  • Global Development/Hosting
  • Global Source Code
  • Global Processing platforms
  • Cloud technology – Cloud native, microservices and containerisation, CI&CD, API first
  • Focused teams
  • Operational synergies

EML has a track record of successful innovation; identifying and monetising niches – mall gift cards, gaming, financial services, salary packaging and now with PFS, government payments, multi-currency and Banking-As-A-Service.

Salary Packaging
  • Mobile wallet solution, back to back funding sources, meal/living spend segregation.
  • Partnership/acquisition with Paywith to provide merchant coalition in the app to provide relevant discounts to SalPac participants – partnered for speed to market/acquired to bring ownership in house.
  • Payment embedded into overall solution.
FreeStyle Card
  • Partnership with MoneyMe to launch a virtual credit account which allows consumers to shop now, pay later or transfer to anyone.
  • EML provides a virtual card that lives on a consumer’s smartphone providing instant access to a credit line of up to AU$1,000.