Board of Directors.

Peter Martin


Peter Martin.

Non-Executive Chairman

Appointed on 19 April 2012
Appointed as Chairman on 18 February 2015
MBA (Harvard Business School)
B. Civil Engineering (Monash University)

Mr Martin was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Rothschild Australia Asset Management (Rothschild) and was a director of a number of Rothschild boards in Australia and overseas. Mr Martin has over 45 years’ international commercial experience in marine construction, finance and investment management. Mr Martin has a beneficial interest in 7,318,992 ordinary shares.

David Liddy AM
Tom Cregan
Dr Kristin Ferguson
Melanie Wilson
Tony Adcock
George Gresham
Company Secretaries

Executive Leadership.

Tom Cregan

Managing Director And Group CEO

Rob Shore

Group Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Bowles

Group Chief Product Officer

Andrew Betts

Group Chief Risk & Regulatory Officer

Kristen Shaw

Group Chief People and Culture Officer

Richard Anderson

Group Chief Sales and Marketing O­fficer

Jason Nadler

Group Chief Technology Officer

Diedre Ives

Group Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Eric Mettemeyer

Group Chief Corporate Development Officer

Rachelle St. Ledger

CEO Australia

Nikki Evans


Ailie Kofoid

CEO Americas

Paul Wenk

Group General Counsel

Noel Moran


Lee Britton


Our People Our People. Our strategic intention is to motivate our people by fostering a culture of collaboration, engagement, innovation and inclusion. Our strong organisational culture is the foundation of our employee value proposition and is enhanced and nurtured by the following initiatives and activities. Engagement Each year we conduct an organisation-wide survey, through an independent third party, to obtain feedback from our team members. We communicate the results and seek further feedback from across the company at team-level focus groups.

The Board considers the measuring and monitoring of employee engagement to be important indicators of the appropriateness of our people strategy; in particular the effectiveness of our communication, leadership and employee development. This year we have focused on consolidating and harmonising the businesses we have acquired to extend and embed our strong corporate culture, and successfully leverage the benefits of the diversity and skills in our teams.
In 2020, our global engagement survey score increased 2% 70% Participation continually above 90%
Flexible Work Flexible work In FY20, EML implemented our ‘flex for everyone’ working policy. We recognise that our culture is more than just a ‘vibe’, it’s the freedom to give our employees the flexibly to choose how, when and where they work. We trust our people to work in a way that best suits their needs and to provide them with the tools and movement to do it. Paid Parental leave In 2020 EML updated its paid parental leave policy to deliver benefits above the recommendations by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). This Policy demonstrates the value we place on our employees and our recognition of our social obligations as an employer. We encourage men and women to take paid parental leave and help them to return to work flexibility afterwards. Our policy offers 12 weeks paid leave for the primary carer and 4 weeks paid for secondary care giver. People Strategy People strategy Globally aligned workforce, operational scale and efficiency, clear accountability and shared rewards. Review of policies Strong governance and compliance are demonstrated by EML’s commitment to having simplified, harmonised and accessible Group policies in place. A review of all Group employee and corporate policies has been undertaken and revisions made to reflect changes in the employment landscape and relevant legislation and to demonstrate EML’s values. A full corporate policy refresh has been undertaken for completion during the 2020 calendar year. Human rights and modern slavery The company is committed to upholding human rights within our business and across our supply chain. We acknowledge our role and responsibility in seeking to safeguard human rights through responsible, ethical and sustainable business practices. EML’s first year of reporting against the requirement of the Modern Slavery Act is the financial year ending 30 June 2020. Safety and wellbeing The safety of our people and those we engage with is paramount at EML, and pleasingly we had no notifiable incidents for FY20. The importance of safety at EML is represented by the Safety Committee function reporting directly to the Group CPO.
In addition to our focus on safety, EML provides employees with the opportunity to access a range of benefits to promote health and wellbeing. These include flexible working arrangements and paid parental leave.
Diversity and inclusion A core part of EML is fostering a sense of belonging and openness amongst our team members in a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected, so all can contribute to their fullest potential.
Progress is regularly reported to the Board and includes a focus on improving female representation in leadership and in roles traditionally occupied by males.
48% FEMALE 52% MALE A core part of EML is fostering a sense of belonging and openness amongst our team members in a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected, so all can contribute to their fullest potential.
  • promotion and leadership support for flexible working arrangements, including start-finish times, shift options, job sharing, work from home;
  • reviewing our recruitment practices to identify areas of improvement with diversity hiring; and
  • establishing a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to champion diversity awareness, flexible working and gender equality across the business.